Natural Stereotypes….

1 Aug

I love Erykah Badu just as much as the next but why does having natural hair automatically mean that I sit in my earth tone room, burn insense and bump Lauryn Hill all day? People hold you to a different standard being natural as a opposed to being relaxed. When I am greeted it’s no longer “hey girl” but “what’s happening my sister” *raises fist*. Don’t get me wrong being natural has made me feel like a little black panther. lol It’s just amazing the effect a little kink in your hair can have on the way people treat you. Guys automatically assume I’m a hippie who blows hella trees(My Cali friend taught me that) and practices Baduizm, when in reality that’s not even my thing, I wear Jordan’s and listen to anything from Jeezy to Azealia Banks to Nickelback. I feel like people think my life is an episode of Good Times ( I would be Penny of course). I went on a cruise earlier in the year and this guy I met just kept saying “oh she’s so eclectic”, which isn’t a bad thing…actually it’s kinda cool. I’m just saying the only thing people can really say about naturals is that we are very diverse and brave people. Anywaydoe.. Power to the people 😉


One Response to “Natural Stereotypes….”

  1. Cama November 17, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    I completely agree with this, i do not like the stereotype because i do nto fit it at all

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