Dont Stop, Big Chop

6 Aug

With that last post being said, I want to share why we love Big Chops at Knotty Girl. Experiencing a Big Chop is an overwhelming experience. To me a woman beams confidence when she can cut off all her hair. It shows that she is so much more than that (hair). We put so much emphasis and glory on outer appearances, especially hair, but its just HAIR! Think about all the women who sacrifice their hair for religion, illnesses or personal beliefs. It’s just astounding.

Now lets be honest, natural hair is something that is new to so many black women. You wouldn’t start a house with the roof then the foundation. Think of a big chop as building a house from the ground up. It is so much easier to learn how to manage, manipulate and care for your hair while it is still in the beginning stage. Most women I know who transition usually transition by blow outs, braids and weaves and use the same regimens they would while being relaxed. By the time they finally have reached a length that they are comfortable with, they have NO CLUE what to do with all this new natural hair, which leads to breakage, stress, shedding and bad practices.

The last reason why we feel you should big chop is because of growth. While transitioning for 6 months, I had only grown approximately an inch of new growth. As soon as I let go of those relaxed ends, 6 months later my hair had had tripled in length and by the end of my first year my hair was about 2 inches past my collar bone! Now that is growth!!

Now, all we can do is hope and pray that we have sold you on why you should big but hey if you don’t believe me then just try for yourself ….

Remember Don’t Stop, Big Chop 🙂

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