Know Us: Happy Knottiversary :)

6 Aug

Today is the day Darshanay and I big chopped which was totally unexpected for the both of us. My freshman year at Howard University was when I really got exposed to the natural hair scene. There were so many beautiful natural women and men. I was inspired to go natural but didn’t think that I was really ready yet. I began to “transition” February 2010 but in reality all I was trying to do was grow out my short cut. I just kept it protected with braids and occasional Dominican blow outs. The summer of 2010 I got extremely sick and was too weak to really pay any attention to my hair. I had micros in at the time and as soon as I took them out I asked my mother to cut the remainder of my relaxed ends off. I only had about an inch of new growth but I did not care. I wanted to rid myself of this burden and be free. Shortly after I big chopped, I went to show Darshanay my new cut. She could not believe it and about an hour later we went to a salon so she could big chop too! I’m soo glad I had a friend to share this experience with. I hear people say all the time they can not big chop or would not look right with short hair. All I can think about when I hear that is what if something would have been really wrong with me the summer I was hospitalized, which would have required me to lose or shave all my hair. I am so thankful that it was not that major. My answer to anyone contemplating the big chop or going natural is don’t think about it, DO IT. It will grow back, after all it’s only hair. 😉

TWA =)
Loving my new cut
Cute little curls

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