Don’t Stop Big Chop: Jennifer

8 Aug

As promised we will be featuring a new Big Chop Story everyday for the rest of the week.. Enjoy:)

Why did you bigchop?
I knew I was going abroad and i knew it would be too hard to keep up
my transitioning hair while in Asia.

When did you big chop?

April 2012, I dont remember the exact day

How did you feel? What was your reaction?

At first I felt really self conscious. I never had my hair that short
before without it being permed or cut in a style so I didn’t know if I
liked it just yet. Some days I thought I looked like a boy who needed
a hair cut and other days I embraced it and really liked it. Now
looking back it was the best decision I could have made, because now
my hair is so much more easy to manage.

 What are you doing to take care of your hair?
I co-wash my hair, and I use shea moisture products, because they are
cheap and really keep my hair well moisturized. When I do not do wash
and go’s I do twist sets because they help to lock in the moisture.

Do your regret your decision?

Not at all. This summer I have gone swimming a lot and been out in the
sun, if I still had my perm I would be going crazy trying to figure
out what to do with my hair.

What words of encouragement would you give somebody contemplating the Big Chop?

Just take a deep breath and do it. I promise it will be well worth it.
It is so much easier to manage. Think about all the time and money you
save not buying perms, or straitening your hair all the time. And your
hair will be much stronger and healthier!

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