Race & Natural hair

10 Aug

Okay so I went to a gas station earlier today and a Hispanic girl was behind the counter. I was wearing my hair in a wash and go and she went on to comment on how pretty my hair was and that her hair is like mine when it’s not straightened.( It was straightened at the time). I said Ohhh you should wear your hair curly, she replied “I have a perm.” I said oh I stopped wearing a perm a few years ago and she gave me the strangest look and continued to bag my purchase ending the conversation. It was strange because when I meet women from different races and talk about my journey they seem to be fascinated. She must couldn’t believe that my hair could look exactly like hers only WITHOUT chemicals. Also, I thought African Americans were the only race that struggled with this natural hair vs. relaxed hair dispute. I guess I was wrong.

Has anyone ever received a negative vibe or comment from someone of a different race because of their decision to go natural? Please Share


2 Responses to “Race & Natural hair”

  1. EB October 27, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    You have to realize that Blk ppl exist everywhere. Therefore, many hispanics or latinos are of African descent, just like us, or have African ancestory. Dark latinos are never featured on tv or celebrated, but many look just like us. Some of them aren’t mixed at all. Plus, many ppl aren’t used to Black women wearing their natural hair. Hey, if we don’t know what our hair looks like, then you know they dont! 🙂

    • knottygirltimestwo October 28, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

      You’re right. I guess I didn’t really consider that because she was farely light but I’m glad we’re finally start to let them know

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