Boyfriends, Natural Hair & Vacation

18 Aug

Okay, sorry for my absence everyone. I spent a few days in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach with my love. Had to get a little vaca before school starts next week. :(. Although it was short, we really enjoyed ourselves. This is the first time I’ve been to the beach since my senior prom. That was almost 4 years ago but let me just say natural hair, the beach, and “sexy time” do not mix. I was so excited that I finally got my wash n go technique down pat but couldn’t even enjoy it=(. I forgot that my hair takes forever to dry and that mess was dripping down my back all day -_-. Also it was kinda breezy and it kept flying all over the place so by the end of the day it looked like a birds nest *super blank face*. Needless to say, I ended up putting it in a bun and forgot about it. Life is sooo much easier when you can forget about your hair. lol

Before (excuse my duck face)
After (same duck face) ( ._.)
MINE lol ^_^

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