Hair Crush

28 Aug

It’s okay to have a girl crush *blushes*, just wanted to share a few of mine.

Teyana Taylor
Teyana would have to be my favorite natural of all time. She was natural way before it became “cool” and I just love her look. She switches up her style so much. She is simply a pretty tomboy and that is me in a nutshell. Ooh and her hair is to die for!! 

I’m so glad Solange finally found herself and has gotten from under her sisters spotlight. I love this look for her and they way she dresses is just too cute. 
Bre (ANTM)
Bre is just adorable. She was probably the last antm cycle I watched and I have always been obsessed with her and her hair. I was so hurt when she didn’t showcase all that gorgeous hair in Wale’s latest video Lotus Flower Bomb. 
Yaya (ANTM)
Yaya was also one of my favorites and her hair texture is very similar to mine. But I mean who wouldn’t have a crush on her? She is gorgeous.
Elle Varner
This new singing sensation has a mane that I would kill to have (ok, not really).
Kelly Rowland
Last but not least is my look a like. I hear that I favor her all of the time, but I’m not She is stunning!! Thats not all hers but she is natural if you didn’t know.
Who are some of your favorite naturals? Share your thoughts below.

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