Good HEAD:Dorian

3 Sep

              This weeks Knotty Girl is Dorian!

            <!–[endif]–>Introduce yourself! I’m Dorian ‘D. Marie’Johnson. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, currently living in Norfolk, VAfor the past 5 years for undergraduate studies and now graduate studies atNorfolk State University. I love it in Hampton Roads. I do miss home a lot, butbeing by the water is awesome.

How long have you been natural? Wow, time has definitelyflown by, but I have been natural for a wonderful 2 years and 3 months.
<!–[if !supportLists]–>            <!–[endif]–>Did you transition or big chop? I big chopped! When I saybig chop, I TOTALLY cut ALL my hair off into a low-cut Caesar. It was great!Sometimes I really miss the length I was at, being that it was so easy andcarefree…I wouldn’t trade it for the growth I’ve obtained now though.
            <!–[endif]–>What’s is your regimen? My regimen varies from weekto week. I wear a lot of protective styles in my hair so that can throw aregimen off a bit. To be honest, that’s one thing I need to be more consistentwith. As far as products go, now that’s something I’m consistent with! I use aproduct line named ‘Naokeidoe Creations’ ( Iespecially love their hair lotion and shea butter. Leaves my hair feelingnothing short of amazing! Check it out for yourself 😉
Did going natural change your personal style? Going natural definitelydidn’t change my personal style. I’ve always had my own uniqueness and twist onthe way I dress and wore my hair. Being natural just ‘Upped-the-Ante’ a little,lol, as far as hair goes.
If your hair could talk what would it say? If myhair could talk it would say, “Why Wasn’t I This Way Sooner?!”
Do you consider yourself a Knotty Girl? and why? I certainly do! I loveeverything about my hair. From the way it shrinks and it tightly coiled, to thedefinition it carries when I do a twist-out. Each day brings new challenges that I conquer and it tugs at my creativity to the 10th power. Not to mentionit has saved me so much money in the past two years! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Whatdo you love most about your good head?(HairEveryone Adores & Desires) I would have to say the onething that I love most about my good head is my texture. No matter how one mytry to ‘type’ or ‘classify’ my hair, it’s made for me, designed the way it’ssupposed to be.

One Response to “Good HEAD:Dorian”

  1. D. Marie J September 3, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Thanks so much for featuring me ladies!! 😉

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