In Living Color!!

16 Sep

This weekend I participated  in The Color Run!! The Happiest 5k on the planet!!! I must say this 5k did not disappoint!! Thousands of  lovely folks, dressed in all white attire came from all over Virginia to take part in the colorful festivities held at the  Richmond International Raceway.With every kilometer I reached I honestly had the time of my life! The weather was perfect, Music was great and getting blasted with color from left to right was such a wild experience!! I literately ran, walked, skipped, and even rolled my way to the finish line along with one of my best girlfriends. If The Color Run is not on your bucket list I highly suggest adding it. Next time The Color Run is in your area be like Nike and “Just Do It”. Checkout some pictures from my Color run experience!!!

 Charley Rose and I before The Color Run.Our sock were a hit with our fellow runners.
 This magic colorful dust is 100% natural and washes off your body easily.
Fellow color runners and myself !! I had to chase them down for a picture when I saw these big fros bouncing.
 Just rolling around in blue magical dust having the time of my life.No big deal!!
 Charlotte and me celebrating at the halfway mark!!
   It was only right that I  hit the BOLT on em’ when I made it to the finish line lol

To find out when The Color Run is coming to your city checkout

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