Whats Hot !

17 Sep

Am I the only person totally ready for it to get cold? I’m tired of being hot! With 2013 slowly approaches I am excited to see what will be in style this year. Personally I’m more into personal style then fashion. Fashion trends change too much and as a poor college student, I can’t keep up with it!

Some things that I look forward to wearing

Pencil Skirts

These colored pencil skirts are so cute and way more excited than your average work skirt. These can be dressed up with a blazer and pumps or worn down with a cardigan and chucks. Old Navy has a great selection of these this year. 
Slim Fit Trousers
I’m pretty sure everyone owns at least one pair of these but I’m so excited that more or coming out with different designs and colors. Slim Fit Trousers give a much cleaner look then your average bootcut that they usually come in. They look great on my long legs. Sport with a cute pair of flats for the day and throw on those to hit happy hour when you get off!
Oriental Prints
I love oriental because it usually done with luxurious fabrics and it pays a huge amount of attention to detail. The colors will be sure to catch anyones eye.
Studded Flats
Spike up your life;) How could you resist these? Sure to spice up any outfit..

These are just a few things im looking forward to wearing this season and I’ll post more as I see them? What do you have your eye on this fall?


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