A tale of a happy nappy girl :)

3 Oct

So you went natural huh? I bet it went a little something like this.

The first thing you did was decide to withdrawal from the creamy crack and admit your hair into natural hair rehab. Good for you! Next you’re monitoring all your products and ingredients. Silicons, Parabens, Alcohols and Sulfates?? Ohh no!! Thats just not apart of your lifestyle anymore. Now you’re drinking water by the gallons because you realize your new natural mane isn’t afraid of water unlike your straight strands. You’re practically a fish. By this point you’ve researched all the things that you can find around your house that will help you maintain a healthy head of hair. Fruits and veggies are on your plate practically every day and night, grapefruits and oranges to get that extra dose of Vitamin C, blueberries to get that Antioxidant boost and Spinach which contains Iron to help your hair grow faster. Lots and lots of Spinach, just call you Popeye!! You have a brand new diet and you did it all for those luscious locks until….you happened to walk by the mirror one day…heyyy goodlooking ;). You noticed hmm your jeans are a little loser, oh and your skin, you’re pretty much glowing, and yeah, its 8 pm and you’re not even tired. Full of energy! So what do you do with this energy? You do something you have done in years.. What’s that?? You go for a run!! You decide that you like this new you and before you know it you have dropped 15 pounds and you’re practically a vegetarian. You’re feeling good and looking even better….and then it dawns on you. You’re the best you that you have ever been and its all because you decided to go natural.


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