Good HEAD: Aria

15 Oct
Meet the Knotty Girl of the week: Aria =)
Introduce yourself ! 
Hello! Hello!
I’m Aria I’m a senior at Bowie State University (ahhhhh Senior!!!! LOL) 
How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for 3 years, it will be 4 in February!
Did you transition or big chop?
My last relaxer was for junior prom and I transitioned for a while then finally decided to cut it off because I was tired of my hair looking like a half poof half straight hot mess! I was scared to cut it at first so I bought one of those “Just for me curl softeners” it’s like a mild texturizer but I didn’t need it it just made my hair very limp.
Whats is your regimen? 
My regimen has changed so many times!!! I’ve done so much research so many tests, what’s my hair type, no heat/little heat you name it I’ve tried it!! Lol but what I realize now is ok my hair doesn’t like everything but really loves other things so I started to think about what my hair wanted from me rather than what I wanted my hair to do...I looked to the ingredients of all my products watched how my hair acts when wet, when dried, when straight….So for my hair LEAVE IN CO is my liquid gold! My hair can look like a wet dog easily when wet and heavy conditioners for a cowash don’t work for me…other than that it’s Shea butter and any product with glycerin works for my hair…
I am a LOVER of Bantu knots its my all time favorite style if its not Bantu knots then its a twist out. My other staple is HEAD WRAPS I have wayyyyyy too many scarves and I use them all. I do wear my hair straight often in the winter and this year I’m thinking of trying a weave! Never had one before! Lol
Did going natural change your personal style?
My hair didn’t change my style but it definitely made it easier for me to express how I always felt inside…how I always saw myself…
when I first became natural everyone around me was doing the exact opposite so I had to be strong to go against the grain. Going natural showed me that my confidence came from a deeper place with in me a place I never had tapped into before that made me proud of myself.
If your hair could talk what would it say?
If my hair could talk it would say WASH ME!! Lolol
Do you consider yourself a Knotty Girl? and why?
What makes me a knotty girl? Well I don’t think I could be one without Sheba( that’s my hairs name) and Anita( my alter ego) Sheba is knotty and unruly kinky and curly and Anita personifies all those things in womanly form…every woman should name her hair and every woman should have an alter ego to get all the…kinks…out your system 😉
What do you love most about your good head?(Hair Everyone Adores & Desires)
What do I love most about my good head?? Hmmmm that even when it’s messy I still look beautiful 😉 HAHA

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