Good HEAD: Ney

30 Oct

Meet Knotty Girl Aneysha

Introduce yourself !

Hey!! My name is Aneysha and I’ve worked in social services for the last 7 years. I’m a graduate of the University of Central Florida (2005) and Nova Southeastern University (2011).

How long have you been natural?

My last relaxer was in 2006. I cut my hair in 2007 and again in 2008. 

Did you transition or big chop?

I transitioned but if I could do it again I would big chop! I transitioned for a year before cutting it.

Whats is your regimen? 

I am a product junkie! I use everything. Mostly, I use Shea Moisture products, coconut oil, argon oil, castor oil and raw Shea butter. I never straighten my hair so there hasn’t been much heat to it. I wore my hair out a lot with few protective styles until I noticed a lot of breaking. Wet n gos and afro puffs were my easy styles. Now i mostly wear my hair in mini twists and twist-outs. My other favorite is buns! Especially high buns! I want to learn to add hair because the bigger the bun, the better! 😝

Did going natural change your personal style?

I don’t think my hair changed my personal style. I do love wild big hair now whereas previously I wanted every hair in place!

If your hair could talk what would it say?

It would probably say comb me! I rarely comb my hair nowadays!

Do you consider yourself a Knotty Girl? and why?

This is my first blog feature. I never knew how many people admired my hair. I guess I am a knotty girl!! I am one of the few naturals among my acquaintances and although they don’t want to be natural they always admire my style! I’ve learned to embrace my shrinkage and how to manage my hair…

What do you love most about your good head?(Hair Everyone Adores & Desires)

It gives people a peek into my wild side!…and the fact that I can pin it up any kind of way and it  looks like I did a style on purpose!

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