Out with the old…..

8 Nov

Just because you have natural hair doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your look. The same twist outs and wash n go’s can get boring after a while. Here are a few ways you can switch up your look with your natural hair.

Cut. Yeah I said it. Every one with natural hair is not focused on hair length nor did they go natural to see how long their hair would grow. They are simply tired of relaxing their hair.

  • TWA-Try a funky tapered TWA like I did.


Chrisette Michele’s new look and she is killin em’!

  • Deva Cut- Ladies with long hair, don’t worry I didn’t forget about you. You can try a Deva cut. The deva cutting technique was made specifically for women with curly hair. It is a customized shaping to work with your unique curl pattern and each hair is cut curl by curl because no 2 curls are alike.

Also, check out one of my favorite youtubers Mahoganyknots and her recent experience with her DevaCut. It looks fabulous! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov4wEu_u9A0

Color– Okay so a hair cut is not really your thing. Try some color! You can opt for a full head, highlights, one color, two color, the options are really limitless. As with any chemical process, take caution and let a professional do it.


Protective style– Okay so you’re not really looking for something permanent. They are numerous protective styles that can allow you to change your hair for a few days or a few months!

  • Braids- Braids will always be in and you have so many styles to choose from. Box braids, senegalese twist, cornrows, kinky twist..etc. etc

Havanna Twists are slowly becoming my favorite! You can purchase the hair here. http://www.fingercomber.com

Weaves- Not feeling the braids either huh? Picky little thing aren’t you? lol Try a weave. If you can’t achieve it then weave it is what I always say! 😉 You can go curly, wavy or straight but if you’re looking for something that will match your natural hair try the Brazilian kinky curly from www.snobhair.com

Kelly Rowland wearing a similar look

Updos- Lastly if you’re not looking for anything drastic, expensive or permanent. Try an updo! An updo is a quick and easy way to give yourself a new look. Some can be intricate and some only take 5 minutes!

Also, please watch my tutorial showing you how to do 5 easy updos using an Upzing by Conair.

So ladies, I hope I gave you some inspiration and if you decide to do any of these hair styles I mentioned please let us see!

Stay Knotty Ladies;)


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