How to find the right hair product

18 Nov

Having trouble finding the perfect product for your hair? Here are a couple tips to keep in mind next time you shop the aisle!!!

Study your hair– Take the time to evaluate your hair. Notice the texture, thickness and porosity. Someone who has dry hair, for example, will need something different from someone who has oily or frizzy hair. Analyze your hair to determine which products will work best for you. Not all hair products are created equal!!

Pay attention to ingredients– The right ingredients are essential for healthy hair. Usually the first 3-5 ingredients listed are the main elements in the product. If you have found that in the past your hair has rejected those ingredients. Stay away from those ingredients and find hair care products that work for your specific hair needs.

Give products a chance– Give new products time to work before you decided if it’s right for you. Some styling products you will not like, right away and that is fine.When trying something new try at least 2-4 times before you give up on it completely. It takes time to see results, especially if you are trying a new cleanser or conditioner; it will take a little patience to fully remove all the build up from past products.

Don’t break the bank- Stay in your price range when it comes to purchasing products.When navigating the haircare aisle you are going to be curious about every product line under the sun, but products can get expensive. With so many natural haircare¬† lines you are bound to find one that works great and save you money.

I hope these tips make searching for your next product a breeze!


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