Healthy Habits for Healthy Hair

11 Dec

I just wanted to go over some healthy habits that are sure to help your hair FLOURISH. If we don’t know by now being healthy starts from the inside. You can’t only take care of your outside. What is inside counts the most.


Drink Water- Yes drink plenty of water. I want you to drink so much water you think you are turning into a fish. lol but really our body is composed primarily of water and we know water is natural hair’s number one moisturizer.


Exercise- Yes ladies we gotta do it. We can’t expect this great head of hair when our body isn’t great and no I don’t mean be an olympic class athlete, just some moderate exercising will do. Exercising is great for out overall health but it will also improve the quality, texture and growth of the hair. Regular exercise gets the blood flowing throughout the body, including the scalp, which in return will help your hair reach its fullest potential


Nutrition- WE GOTTA PUT THE SWEETS DOWN. Yes I know, it can be a struggle=( I have the worse sweet tooth in the whole wide world but we have got to start eating better. Lay off on the fried and processed foods. I love that chicken too =( but in order for our body which includes our hair to reach its fullest potential it must be nourished from the inside out. Take a multivitamin, add green leafy vegetables to your diet and eat the recommended amount of whole grains and stop eating out all the time. You can find some amazing healthy recipes on the internet and if you need some inspiration, just ask me, ya girl is pretty much a chef! ha. but seriously


Do what your hair tells you to do- I’m being for real. If you listen veryyyy closely your hair will tell you exactly what it needs to be loved.


Stay away from the heat!- Trust me ladies. I KNOW. Yes your flat ironed hair can be very pretty, but it can also be very damaging as well, even if done properly. Think of it like this, for the most of us, we pretty much have had straight hair all of our lives, why be in a rush to straighten it again? If you want to see what you look like with straight hair then get a weave. ‘If you can weave it, then you can achieve it’, is what I always say. Ha.


Massage your scalp regularly- not only does it feel great but it gets the blood in your scalp circulating, which like I said in tip #2 is very important for obtaining a healthy head of hair. Try adding a light oil to your hair while doing this as well, its like killing two bird with one stone….well without the birds…or the stone O_o.


Read ingredients- I’m slowly converting to the curly girl method, because I’ve found out products that don’t contain silicones, mineral oil, parabens and all those other synthetic ingredients actually work better on my hair. No Gimmick! lol

Woman looking up at comb in her hair

Dont use a comb….if you don’t have to- A comb can actually be more damaging then beneficial because it can be breaking as many strands as its detangling. Try using a comb only when needed like when having to make a part. Otherwise use your fingers, when detangling or smoothing your hair.


Deep Condition Regularly- This step is extremely important, especially if you use shampoo every time you wash. Deep conditioning doesn’t mean to go out and buy the most expensive deep conditioner on the market (it probably doesn’t work) just leave your conditioner on longer then you normally would, sit under a hooded dryer with the conditioner in your hair, or try a hot oil treatment.

okay soooo that’s I have.. If you can think of some tips that have helped you along the way of this journey please share them so I can repost..

As Always,

Stay Knotty


One Response to “Healthy Habits for Healthy Hair”

  1. itsashanicole December 13, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Great tips thanks Knotty Girl!!

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