New Years Resolutions Or Wuddeva…

29 Dec


New Year, New You! I love New years Resolutions, It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year and paint a picture of what you really want out of life. Many people hate doing New Years Resolutions because they feel they will never follow through with their resolutions.The way I see it is that there will always be things in life that we can improve or do differently. It’s okay to start over, It’s okay to have goals that seem unrealistic, It’s to admit your flaws, and it’s okay to be yourself! To quote Hannah Montana “Nobody’s perfect I gotta work it Again and again ‘Til I get it right”(yeah I went there) the point is just improve yourself!! Grab a journal and start thinking about some of the changes you may want to make in 2013!

Here is a list of funny resolutions that I hope to improve and accomplish in 2013:

  • Stay on track with my weight loss goal. I have come too far to give up now.
  • Overcome product junk-ism.
  • Blog more frequent. Knotty Girls uphold me to this one!!!
  • Go to Disney World
  • Workout at least five times a week
  • Keep working hard in school
  • Confession time! Learn how to ride a bike, Darsh your 21.
  • Don’t put so much pressure on myself
  • Learn how to do a damn flat-twist
  • Stop chewing on my plastic water bottle caps. It’s a strange habit that I picked up…Don’t judge me.
  • Go to a live taping of the Wendy Williams Show, I STAN for Wendy lol.
  • Don’t be a lazy natural!! Re-twist your hair at night.
  • Drink more tea. I don’t like tea but it’s good for my body.
  • Manage my time better and don’t just sleep half the day when I’m off from school or work:/
  • Don’t splurge my money on food and unnecessary things…unless I really reeeally want it

Eh wish me luck.



Knotty Girls what are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions? Will you be making any resolutions and are any similar to mine?

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