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A Closer Look: 2nd Big Chop

26 Nov

Just wanted to come and give a closer look on my big chop. Please tell me what you think=)

Don’t Stop, Big Chop: Courtney

26 Nov

Why did you bigchop?

I big chopped for numerous reasons, If you go back to my 2 year natural anniversary you can read why here. Another reason that I didn’t talk about is because I wanted to do something different to my hair. I was always trying new things with my hair. I’ve had long hair, short hair, red hair and orange hair ( sounds like a Dr. Seuss book lol) and the only thing that was left was natural hair. When my hair was straight I also loved to wear rod sets and pin curls and figured why not go for a more permanent look.

When did you big chop? 

The first time I big chopped was on August 6, 2010 and the second time was October 23rd,2010. 

What made you big chop again? 

I big chopped for the 2nd time because I wanted to see my hair in a new style. When I big chopped for the first time it was just to get the relaxer out of my hair but for the 2nd time I wanted to play around with some new styles since I know how to take care of my natural hair and know what it needs to flourish. I also had suffered from some heat damage. It wasn’t noticeable but I knew it was there and that bothered me.

How did you feel? What was your reaction?

I felt great. I love my big chop way more the 2nd time around since it was in a style.

What are you doing to take care of your hair?

I co-wash my hair once a week with Tresemme Naturals moisturizing conditioner. Then I apply JBCO to my hair and seal with Giovonni’s weightless moisture leave in. I only wash my hair with shampoo once a month.

Do your regret your decision?

Not at all. I know it is hair and will grow all back.

What words of encouragement would you give someone contemplating the big chop? 

Just do it. You will never know how you look with something until you try it.

Don’t Stop, Big Chop: Bria

8 Nov

Why did you bigchop?

I did the big chop because I’m going natural

When did you big chop?

I cut it October 19th 2012

How did you feel? What was your reaction? 

I felt free after I cut it and my reaction was me standing in front of the mirror loving my natural hair!

What are you doing to take care of your hair?

I use shea moisture products and I make sure I use leave in conditoner. Plus I use curl and wave gel.

Do your regret your decision?

I definitely don’t regret cutting my hair off

What words of encouragement would you give someone contemplating the big chop?

My words of encouragement would be…just do it! You will feel free and it gives you a new confidence!

Don’t Stop, Big Chop: Jasmine

27 Oct

Why did you bigchop?  I will say that I was influenced by the amazing women around me. I wanted strong, healthy hair, and going natural was the only way that I could achieve this goal. I began transitioning in February 2012 because I had decided it was time to stop talking and begin my journey to being natural. I watched my my mother battle with cancer for three years, and during that time she lost all of her hair, and she struggled with finding beauty in her new all salt and pepper TWA. She loved a head scarf or a funky jet black wig with bangs because that it is the hair style she wore for many years. I let my mother know everyday that she was beautiful not matter how her hair was because that naturally coily salt and pepper fro on her crown was beautiful and accented her beautiful face flawlessly. On May 15, 2012 my mother lost her battle with cervical and my entire life was flipped upside down. After losing my mother, I felt it was time for a change physically and mentally. I decided to dedicate my big chop in remembrance of my mother, Diane C. Booth. My big chop marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life as a stronger, healthier, and natural woman.

When did you big chop? August 22, 2012   Continue reading

Kelly Rowland’s New Look

21 Oct


Kelly Rowland is not a stranger to the natural hair game. She recently talked about her natural hair in an issue of Hype Hair and let the world know that her curly hair is a mix between her natural hair and a weave.

Now Kelly has come back with a new natural look!


The Big Chop!

We have all known Kelly to rock a short cut before but this is something totally new for her. I absolutely love it!

What are your thoughts on Kelly Rowland’s new cut?

Big Chop App

18 Oct

Curious about the Big Chop? There’s an app for that!! You can now preview what your hair will look like before cutting it all off straight from your Iphone. This app is perfect for all you ladies contemplating The Big Chop! You can also tryout 250+ natural hairstyles and more!! The Big Chop app is not quite ready for downloading yet but you can sign up at for the latest notifications. I personally think this is app good idea for women wanting to go natural but trust me nothing is better than the real thing;) What are your thoughts? Will you downloading The Big chop app?


So you want to Big Chop

13 Oct

So you want to Big Chop and don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips that might help you cross over to the Knotty side and smooth your journey

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