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New Years Resolutions Or Wuddeva…

29 Dec


New Year, New You! I love New years Resolutions, It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year and paint a picture of what you really want out of life. Many people hate doing New Years Resolutions because they feel they will never follow through with their resolutions.The way I see it is that there will always be things in life that we can improve or do differently. It’s okay to start over, It’s okay to have goals that seem unrealistic, It’s to admit your flaws, and it’s okay to be yourself! To quote Hannah Montana “Nobody’s perfect I gotta work it Again and again ‘Til I get it right”(yeah I went there) the point is just improve yourself!! Grab a journal and start thinking about some of the changes you may want to make in 2013!

Here is a list of funny resolutions that I hope to improve and accomplish in 2013:

  • Stay on track with my weight loss goal. I have come too far to give up now.
  • Overcome product junk-ism.
  • Blog more frequent. Knotty Girls uphold me to this one!!!
  • Go to Disney World
  • Workout at least five times a week
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Weekly OOTD

9 Oct

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8 Oct


Who said dressing for school had to be boring??

In Living Color!!

16 Sep

This weekend I participatedĀ  in The Color Run!! The Happiest 5k on the planet!!! I must say this 5k did not disappoint!! Thousands ofĀ  lovely folks, dressed in all white attire came from all over Virginia to take part in the colorful festivities held at theĀ  Richmond International Raceway.With every kilometer I reached I honestly had the time of my life! The weather was perfect, Music was great and getting blasted with color from left to right was such a wild experience!! I literately ran, walked, skipped, and even rolled my way to the finish line along with one of my best girlfriends. If The Color Run is not on your bucket list I highly suggest adding it. Next time The Color Run is in your area be like Nike and “Just Do It”. Checkout some pictures from my Color run experience!!!

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Labor Day!

4 Sep

I hope all my Knotty Girls had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I know I did!! Partied with some of my good friends, Did some thrifting, Practiced for the 5k and spent some much needed time focusing on ME!!! Here is a little recap of my weekend.

Pray for me y’all

3 Sep

Before you guys get grossed out by the picture above, hear me out. lol
That picture is how I currently look. I’m 5’6″ and 178 pounds and want to be at least 150. I’m too young to be carrying all this extra weight. I went walking/running yesterday and today. Yesterday I did a total of 3 miles in 45 minutes and today I did 3 miles in 40 minutes! Considering I haven’t worked out in a while I think I did pretty good. Each day I’m going to try to decrease by 5 minutes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run a full mile lol..Trying to get back in shape like Darsh!! I figure if I have an audience watching me and rooting me on I’ll be more motivated to lose weight. I also made a fruit smoothie for breakfast with my new Oster blender I purchase yesterday. My Bella personal blender broke twice *side eye* and this one was reduced from $39.99 to $29.99 and you also got an extra FREE cup. Target is that store!!


Boyfriends, Natural Hair & Vacation

18 Aug

Okay, sorry for my absence everyone. I spent a few days in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach with my love. Had to get a little vaca before school starts next week. :(. Although it was short, we really enjoyed ourselves. This is the first time I’ve been to the beach since my senior prom. That was almost 4 years ago but let me just say natural hair, the beach, and “sexy time” do not mix. I was so excited that I finally got my wash n go technique down pat but couldn’t even enjoy it=(. I forgot that my hair takes forever to dry and that mess was dripping down my back all day -_-. Also it was kinda breezy and it kept flying all over the place so by the end of the day it looked like a birds nest *super blank face*. Needless to say, I ended up putting it in a bun and forgot about it. Life is sooo much easier when you can forget about your hair. lol

Before (excuse my duck face)
After (same duck face) ( ._.)
MINE lol ^_^