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Different races liking your natural hair more than your own

31 Oct

Am I the only one that feels like other races seem to be more attracted to my natural hair then my own? Sometimes, I feel like the only people of my race that like my hair are other naturals themselves. When other races approach me they are almost amazed that my hair can stand straight up one day and be perfectly curly the next. The only response I get from other black women are “Oh, that’s different” or “I could never go natural”. It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments either. I just ┬ánever hear from other black women that my hair looks nice until my hair got to a pretty decent length. Thats when everyone around me wanted to go natural, when they saw that I didn’t have a TWA anymore. It’s kind of upsetting that woman of other cultures support me more than my own.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?